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Booking an appointment

  • Through the ‘Consult Our Doctor’ section fill the form and our experts wil get in touch with you.
  • DMC&H customer support team will contact you and will suggest you the best treatment and cost estimation respective to it.
  • Once you done with the selection of medical service, we will provide you a Visa Facilitation Letter. This letter will assist you in getting medical visa.
  • On your confirmation of visa, we will arrange and organize the set up according your selected treatment.

Criteria to get an Indian Medical Visa

There are some rules and conditions based on which you will get the medical visa. Make sure if you are planning to get treated in India, you are aware of these rules.

  • Ensure that you have a valid statement approved by the doctor and government of your country in which you have advised to get the specialized treatment.
  • The patient needs to state that he or she is looking for a health institute which is specialized in the treatment of that particular health issue.
  • The duration of the visa is for a year or until the duration of treatment and it is valid for maximum of 3 entries in a year.

Documentation Required

Make sure that you bring along these things while visiting India for medical treatment

  • The original Test reports , all your X-ray reports
  • List of prescribed medicines

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