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Anatomy is a science dealing with the structure and location of the different components of an organism to provide a framework for understanding. Anatomy studies the way that every part of a human, from cells to organ system, interacts to form a functional whole.

Divisions of Anatomy

Cadaveric Anatomy

  • Regional anatomy focuses on specific external and internal regions of the body (such as the head or chest) and how different systems work together in that region.
  • Systematic anatomy focuses on the anatomy of different organ systems, such as the respiratory or nervous system.

Living Anatomy

  • Surface Anatomy – (Superficial anatomy) is the study of external anatonomical features without dissection
  • Imaging Anatomy is the study of Anatomy using X-rays/Ultrasound/CT & MRI

Microscopic Anatomy

  • Study of structures using a microscope

Developmental Anatomy

  • Study of prenatal development of an individual

Comparative Anatomy

  • Study of Anatomy of different Animals
  • The department is actively involved in teaching undergraduates (Medical, Nursing, Paramedical) and Post graduate students.
  • Department also helps in conducting cadaveric workshops for acquiring surgical skills. This is facilitated by an active voluntary body donation programme running in the department. The bodies are preserved using latest technology by well trained personnel.
  • The department boasts to have a state of art museum with over 1000 specimen and models.

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