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The Microbiology laboratory has latest state- of –art equipment and provides quality diagnostic services round the clock. Results are made available within a defined time frame and critical results are intimated immediately. The Microbiology laboratory handles approximately 600 samples a day & conduct various tests .Various sections Bacteriology , Mycabacteriology, Mycology , Serology , Immunology, Virology & Parasitology work as an Integrated Unit. The Laboratory participates in Quality assurance programs & it is ISO certified. The laboratory has dedicated trained Faculty & Paramedical Staff. The Department is actively involved in infection prevention and control activities of the Hospital.

  • Automated ELISA Systems (Cobas e-411, EVOLIS,Chorus trio)
  • Cobas Ampliprep (Real Time PCR) for HBV DNA & HCV RNA
  • Genprobe (TMA) for diagnosis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex
  • HAIN ( Line Probe Assay) for MTB com its resistance to rifampicin and /or Isoniazid
  • Vitek 2 compact for identification & Susceptibility testing or Bacterial and Yeast isolates
  • Automated BacT/Alert -3D and BacTEC 9240 for Blood and Body fluid culture
  • Semi automated MGIT for culture Mycobacterium Tuberculosis

Lab Services

1. Molecular Testing

Mycobacterial infections (TB PCR)

Viral Hepatitis (HCV/ HBV)


Viral Hepatitis A ,B, C and E (HBe Ag, Anti HBe, Anti HBc IgM, Anti HBc total) HIV, dengue fever, amoebiasis, leptospriosis, C. Difficile toxin assay, Aspergillus galactomannan atigen for invasive Aspergillosis, TORCH profile (IgG and IgM), EBV IgM for infectious mononucleosis, Total IgE, Sepsis marker –PCT

3. Blood and Body Fluid culture (Automated method)

  • Automated identification and antimicrobial sensitivity of bacterial isolates
  • Automated identification and sensitivity of yeast isolates

4. Culture & Susceptibility testing

Aerobic and anaerobic culture Identification &antimicrobial sensitivity of bacteria isolates by conventional &automated method

Culture and identification of fungi by conventional method

Culture of Mycobacterium by Conventional method and MGIT

5. Rapid Diagnostic Tests

  • HIV, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Malaria, Dengue Ns1 Ag,TPHA VDRL, ASO, CRP, ALDEHYDE TEST, Brucella aggulation
  • Widal test,Paul Bunell test

6. Microscopy

  • Gram’s staining for direct detection of bacteria
  • Special stains like ZN staining for acid fast bacilli, Modified ZN staining for Nocardia,
  • Mycobacterium leperae and opportunistic stool parasites; Albert’s staining for C. Diptheriae; Giemsa staining for Microfilaria and LD Bodies
  • Direct fluroscent stain for Mycobacterium (Auramine stain)
  • Hanging drop for Vibrio cholera
  • Dark Ground illumination for Leptospira
  • KOH mount for fungus
  • India ink Preparation for Cryptococcus neoformans
  • Stood examination for trophozoites of Entamoeba histolytic

7. Others

Direct Antigen Detection in CSF for bacteria and Cryptococcus Stool for occult blood

GDH assay for clostridium difficile diarrhoea

Cryptosporidium Ag in stool sample for cryptosporidiosis Western Blot for HIV

8. Skin Tests

Manatoux test, Aspergillus skin test

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