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The following treatments and procedures are available in Department of Psychiatry in Dayanand Medical College & Hospital, Ludhiana.

1. Detoxifications and De-addiction for

  • Opioid,Alcohol,Sedatives &Hypnotics, tobacco Dependence, Inhalant related disorders
  • Behavioural and impulse control related disorders – Pathological gambling, Internet Addiction, Porn Addiction,kleptomania,Pyromania

2. Schizophrenia, Delusional Disorder, Schizo-affective Disorder – Antipsychotic Medications (Second and First Generation Antipsychotics and Clozapine including long acting injectables.

3. Biopolar Affective Disorder :- Mood Stabilizer (eg. Lithium

4. carbonate , Sodium Valproate, Divalproex Sodium, Carbamazepine , Lamotrigine).

5. Depressive and anxiety Disorders, Suicidality –(SSRI’S , SNRI’STCA’S).

6. Modified E.C.T, under short general anaesthesia for treatment Resistant Depression, actively suicidal patients, Acute Schizophrenia, Catatonic patients.

7. Childhood psychiatric Disorders eg. ADHD with pharmacotherapy in form of stimulant medication, TIC disorders,Tourette Disorders, Conduct disorders, Poor Scholastic performance.

8. Psychiatric assessment of children and adult tests including :-

  • Intelligence Testing
  • Memory testing
  • Projective tests include Rorschach test
  • Personality assessment for Austrim Spectrum disorders, Specific Learning Disorders.

9. Psychotherapies including :-

  • (E.R.P) Exposure Response and Prevention for O.C.D
  • (C.B.T.) Cognitive behaviour therapy for Depressive disorders
  • Brief Psychodynamic Psychotherapy for Depressive disorders, Anxiety disorders,PTSD
  • Family Therapy & Couple Therapy

10. Treatment for Sexual dysfunction disorders.

11. Marital Counselling including sex education and sex counselling.

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