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Bariatric - Weight Loss

Bariatric surgery, known as weight loss surgery, is a weight loss process for obese people. By latest technology, the fat of the body is removed. It is done when all other weight loss methods fail.

Types of bariatric surgery

Gastric sleeve:

In this surgery, a high percentage of the stomach is removed which leads to less hungriness and person starts feeling full after eating little. As nothing artificial is placed inside, the patient recovers very soon.

Gastric Bypass Surgery:

This technique has received much higher result rates. In this process, the stomach is divided into 2 unequal parts and very less percentage of the stomach is left for food digestion. This leads to less consumption of food and you start losing weight.

Biliopancreatic Diversion:

This surgery is for people falling under the highly obese category. It alters the digestion process by making the stomach smaller. The food is bypassed to the small intestine so that fewer calories are absorbed. A person feels very light after this surgery. This is only recommended for super obese people.

Adjustable gastric band:

The surgeons put a little band around your stomach. The band containing small balloon manages the elasticity of the band. This band is used to limit the food going into the stomach and it is done with the help of laparoscopy technique.

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